WNKI 578 – 1610 AM, is broadcasting 24/7 from Idyllwild Fire and continues to update our community with reports on the Cranston Fire. Roland Gaebert and Bill Tell placed the newly acquired a 10-watt transmitter into service serving greater Idyllwild and Mountain Center areas, informing local populations with evacuation orders, routes, closures and fire updates.

WNKI works closely with several governmental agencies and only broadcasts information that is verified and vetted from the appropriate authorities including Idyllwild Fire Protection District, U.S. Forest Service, Riverside County Emergency Management Department, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Caltrans. As the re-population of Idyllwild began on Sunday, new information was provided from non-governmental agencies such as The American Red Cross, Edison, Verizon and AT&T.

Nearly 20 updates have been aired since 1 p.m. Wednesday and more updates are planned as they become necessary and available. AM transmissions can be received on a wind-up radio or an AM radio band which will operate on two AA batteries and is recommended for all mountain residents. For questions, direct email queries to the Mile High Radio Club at [email protected], call Bill Tell at 951-659-4438 or visit www.WNKI.org.