The Idyllwild Library is one of the oldest and most respected institutions on the Hill and staff and volunteers there are proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary July 27, 2020.

They are planning a series of community events leading up to that date and they have at least 100 ways you can help make the festivities special. Here are a few suggestions from their wish list:

• Help us discover our history. Tell us what you know about the library’s history.  We are especially interested in the 1920s to the 1950s. Where was it was located in its earliest days? Do you recollect people and friends who are little known, but were important contributors to the library in its early days? Who were the volunteers and staff? Email [email protected].

• Tell us your stories: Why is the library so important to you? How did it help to shape the person that you are today? Are there former staff members who were important in your (and/or a family member’s) life or career? Email [email protected].

• Give us your memorabilia. We want to receive items from the 1920s forward to add to the library’s collection. We especially want items from the 1950s onward, but we will treasure whatever you send from any time period. Do you have pictures of the library at former locations? Do you have the first Idyllwild Library card issued to you or to family members? Do you have items from the days of card catalogs? Do you have pictures of events that took place in the library? Bring donated memorabilia to Library Manager Shannon Ng at the library.

For more information, contact the library at 951-659-2300 or stop by for a visit.