My wife Elaine and I have prepared ourselves for emergency survival for the past 25 years or so, starting with the earthquake in San Fernando Valley. Since then, we have picked up a few tips that some of you might put into practice. Listed below are reflections on our last escape.

Divide emergency shelf into two sections: one section for survival in place with no electric, and/or water and/or propane; one section for emergency evacuation.

Survival in place should include:

• gallon bottles of water (four) for washing and flushing toilets

• 12-ounce bottles of water (10) for drinking and cooking

• two-week supply of food for two people and two cats

• extra batteries for flashlights, portable radios, solar charger for phone/iPad, radio.

Emergency evacuation should include:

• Park cars in driveway facing street.

• Leave driver window down and keys in car.

• Leave long-sleeved cotton shirt, gloves, goggles and face mask next to driver’s seat for use, if necessary, to drive through fire.

• Have the following packed in car in preparation for leaving: eye glasses, personal medications, desk drawer (checkbook, bill accounting items), safe contents, jewelry, cell phones, iPads, charge connectors, flashlights.

Then, close shutters and drapes, turn on outdoor lights, post notice on door knob of house informing house has been evacuated of people and pets, and location where you are staying. Have a bottle of water in the car.

Evacuate when told to do so.

Bob Rahman