Whether escrow is closed or not, new Café Aroma owner and manager Roberto Garcia plans to reopen the popular venue Friday, Sept. 7.

Garcia plans to keep most of the same menu intact, removing items that didn’t move and wines that didn’t sell, so diners can expect much of the same eclectic menu as before. He will begin adding other items to the menu later.

Garcia said he will manage the restaurant himself, as well as run La Casita, his long-time Mexican restaurant down the street. He will split his time between the two restaurants. He will especially be at La Casita on the very busy Taco Night. “I can’t leave my ‘kids,’” he said, speaking of his Mexican restaurant staff.

The restaurant will be open Thursday to Tuesday and closed on Wednesday.

Specials will be offered on non-weekend nights and he will continue the tradition of the half-price bottle of wine on Monday night.

Garcia bought the restaurant business from Hubert Halkin after it closed when the town evacuated because of the Cranston Fire that started July 25. He said he couldn’t bear to see it closed.

“We’ve got to keep the heart of Café Aroma still beating,” he said.