‘Naturally Crazy’ is the theme

One piece of the Crazy Quilt that will be given away at the Mountain Quilters’ upcoming show. Photo by Diana Kurr

The Mountain Quilters of Idyllwild, at 77 strong (“76 women and one brave man,” according to Penny Bottomley), will host their 15th-annual Quilt Show. Themed “Naturally Crazy,” the show will feature crazy quilts, patchwork quilts made of patches of randomly varying sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics.

Once again, the popular show is held at Buckhorn Camp on Highway 243. It runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14. Admission is $8, but husbands and children under age 16 are not charged for admission.

The spousal dispensation is because member wives, many of whom live off the Hill, do not like driving on our winding mountain roads and husbands become designated drivers by delegation.

This year’s opportunity drawing is for a crazy quilt for which all members have a chance to create a square on the quilt. The squares each contain different shapes and sizes.

Bottomley noted the tradition of crazy quilts dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s when women would take pieces of their dresses to create blocks of a quilt. They would then add fancy embroidery and stitching to each block. When the quilt was completed, they would drape the finished masterpiece over a sofa to display their handiwork to potential suitors.

In addition to the drawing for the opportunity quilt, attendees may view quilt displays, a display of dresses for girls from around the world and other items available for purchase.

Children can play the “I Spy” kids’ game in which they take a list with names of items, locate quilt pieces displaying the items on a quilt, and then have the chance to win a quilt if their finished list is drawn.

Buckhorn Camp will serve breakfast and lunch for purchase each day in the camp dining hall.

Buckhorn Camp is located between Idyllwild and Pine Cove off Highway 243.