Bianco still leads in money

The race for the Riverside County Sheriff position is costing the candidates — incumbent Sheriff Stan Sniff and his challenger Lt. Chad Bianco — millions.

Through Oct. 20, with about two weeks remaining for the campaign, each candidate had spent more than $1 million.

While it appears (see accompanying table) that Bianco has received twice the contributions that Sniff has, that reflects only the 2018 gifts. During 2017, before Bianco declared his candidacy, Sniff had already received nearly $312,000.

In the week since the summary reports were filed, both candidates have reported more financial donations. Sniff has received $20,000 more and Bianco has been given $19,500.

The Riverside Sheriffs’ Association is the principal support behind Bianco’s campaign. The RSA has given him more than $725,000, or nearly three-quarters of his campaign chest.

Several other law enforcement associations are large and significant donors to Bianco’s effort, too. For example, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association has donated $120,000 and the Corona Police Officers have given $7,500. Two other police groups from Los Angeles County have sent him $5,000 each.

Also, the Haagen Company LLC has contributed $50,000.

Sniff’s largest donors are Harold Matzner, who has given $100,000, and Frederick Noble and Affiliated Entities, who have given $73,200, some of which has been consulting services. Sterling BMW has given Sniff $23,200. He has two other contributors who have donated $16,000 and 13 contributors who have give $5,000 to $15,000.