ONe of nearly 20 voters at Town Hall waiting to cast ballots inthe 2018 Gubernatorial Election.

If the 7 a.m. voters at Town Hall are an indicator, the turnout in Idyllwild will be quite high this year.

By 7:15 a.m., more than 15 people were in line to get their ballots, another four were already casting votes, and at least eight people had brought in completed mail ballots.

Rebecca Spencer, Riverside County Registrar of Voters, wrote in an email that based on the early voting countywide, she estimates turnout will approach 55 percent.

“We are expecting a turnout that is higher than the November 2014 Election but lower than the November 2016 Election,” she wrote. In the 2016 Presidential Election, turnout in Riverside County was 75 percent. Two years earlier, for the last gubernatorial election in 2014, countywide turnout was 40 percent.

For someone who normally votes at this time of the morning, it was unexpected to see these many voters already at Town Hall.