Patrice Morris will perform gospel music Sunday at Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery. Photo courtesy Middle Ridge Winery

This Sunday, Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery will host recording artist Patrice Morris for a captivating performance of classic and original gospel music.

For 12 years and counting, this quintessential singer/songwriter has kept her soul alive performing with The 5th Dimension much of the year, with gospel music in her heart.

Morris began singing in church choirs at age 5, deciding in her teens that she would make singing her profession. That Morris continues to deposit a lifetime legacy into the American musical lexicon is but one direct consequence of her talents.

  “I knew early that a life inspired by God would provide the safest, most satisfying experience,” Morris explained. “Living a musical life has centered me in profound ways. I know that I would have been miserable without it in my life. I love the way spiritual songs can deliver messages of encouragement and change lives. I feel complete, whole, at peace and blessed when I’m singing.”

One of Morris’ original favorites, “In the Valley,” is a song she wrote during a period when she was going through struggles. “In the song,” Morris said, “I explain my journey and how I praised God through, and was shown my way out of, the storm. This tune continues to inspire me.”

Originally a Mississippi Christian, Morris accepted God’s presence early. “Then I married a guy from California who showed me that I could be Christian and fully enjoy life. He has fully supported my musical life. I owe much of this wonderful journey we share to him.”

It takes considerable depth of character to stay true to the vision you see for your life. What advice can Morris offer others? “Women go through life with so many challenges. I’ve used my platform to help empower women, particularly my own daughter. I believe in instilling values and virtues by being an example in the way I live my life and by being consistent.” This has offered her a life of following her own path without settling.

Morris will perform her distinctive brand of gospel magic from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 18, at Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery.