After reading the hit piece on the Pine Cove Water District by co-owner of the Town Crier, Jack Clark, I noticed that he agreed with General Manager Jerry Holldber that nothing illegal or wrong was done. However Clark reiterated every sin Editor Melissa believed Holdbur committed with more emphasis on them than he did on the legality of every action. The article written in the Desert Sun June 24, 2019 on the change from subscription to donation and read “We literally were ready to shut the doors, “she (Becky Clark) said.  “The next day a woman walked in with $2000…..”  I now regret that that woman was me. 

I really believe in The First Amendment. I want everyone to have that right to speak.  People have complained to me that Melissa restricts Letters to the Editor on really strange grounds.  I’ve watched the Town Crier disintegrate from 40 pages to the 12 page hateful wreak it is now. In the many years I have lived here I have supported the Town Crier even after hearing public outcry that it is the “Town Liar”.  

I agree with Jack Clark that everything Jerry Holldber did was legal but when I saw the slanting and the innuendo I worry that it may indeed be the Town Liar.  This is a really small town. The people who live here mostly know what is going on and the paper seems to be at odds with common knowledge. It is discouraging to see a local District with Three State Transparency awards and two State Districts of Distinction Awards (see PCWD.org) have groundless doubts spread through our historic paper.

Could someone please return the Town Crier to its historic Ernie Maxwell’s real NEWS paper and save it from Liar status? I miss the reporters J. P. and Marshall.  I know Jenny is working hard and is a bright light in this whole mess. I miss the Real Estate and Theater ads and those of all the wonderful shops we have here. 

Too bad that we, the readers, are suffering over this inability to just give us the news and not prejudices. 

Nancy Borchers
Pine Cove

Editor’s note: Our job is to let taxpayers know what is happening with public funds, especially when those funds go to family members without bid and don’t go to other local businesses that do the same work. When people are doing everything they can to keep a roof over their head and food on the table, we have an obligation, as we always have, to report on where the funds are going. After all, this is people’s hard-earned money that fund these districts. People have been struggling for years and even more so now.