Why pay for circulation you don’t use — wasted ads in hundreds of thousands of daily newspapers that won’t reach folk interested in visiting our Hill. On the other hand, everyone who reads a Town Crier is obviously interested in our community — that’s focused advertising. And readers don’t toss out a Town Crier the day after they get it, as readers of daily papers do; they keep and read their TCs until the following week when a new one comes out.
A week’s worth of advertising to focused readers for the price of one ad. Hard to beat, right?
And did you know that more than half of Town Crier Members live off the Hill? These are people who are part-timers and/or tourists who are seriously interested in knowing what’s what on the Hill so they are caught up with things when they visit here — things like your business!
So, to set up a TC advertising account for your business, please call Lisa at the Town Crier office, 951-659-2145.

693 Currently Active Town Crier Memberships

259 Renewed Town Crier Memberships
so far this 2nd Year

84 New TC Memberships so far this 2nd Year
(As of Jan. 14, 2019 — Second Year
began Sept. 1, 2018)
Thank you, all!