Mark Davis
Photo courtesy Idyllwild Arts

The Associates of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation’s Spotlight on Leadership Series comes back from a brief holiday and winter-weather hiatus on Monday, March 11. 

In the Idyllwild Arts campus’ Fireside Room — a comfortable setting on what could be a chilly morning — three key players will share their excitement about their work for Idyllwild Arts and for its Summer Program that will be here before you know it. Health Center Director Don Lamp will be the featured speaker, joined by Mark Davis and Heather Companiott from the Summer Program.

Lamp took over leadership of the Health Center last July. His dynamic reorganization of the Health Center’s systems is invisible to outsiders. But 300 teenagers living away from their families — thousands of miles away in many cases — need up-to-date healthcare to do their best in arts and academics. Furthermore, healthcare needs evolve continually as lifestyles evolve. Lamp has met this challenge with a creative energy appropriate to a creative and energetic institution.    

Heather Companiott
Photo courtesy Idyllwild Arts

Davis and Companiott are the Idyllwild Arts director of Programs, and director of Adult Arts Center and Native American Arts Program, respectively. Though most of their work is for the Summer Program, the ambitious size and variety of its schedule of June-to-August arts classes and events make their jobs year-round.  

But the chance to work year-round creates much of the excitement for these two devoted arts lovers. Davis will be looking forward to the April 5 to 7 Spring Writers Retreat led by “White Oleander” author Janet Fitch, who wrote much of her most recent novel, “The Revolution of Marina M.,” in Davis’ Idyllwild cabin. 

And Companiott’s already formidable passion for arts in general and Native American arts in particular has recently been stoked by the chance to collaborate with Shaliyah Ben, formerly of the Heard Museum, in Phoenix. Ben has filled a position brand new to Idyllwild Arts, Native American Arts Program coordinator, and is working overtime with Companiott to make Native American arts in Idyllwild more stimulating and informative than ever.

Don Lamp
Photo courtesy Idyllwild Arts

The talks are free to the public during the Associates’ monthly meeting at 10 a.m. Monday, March 11, at Nelson Dining Hall’s Fireside Room on campus. No reservations are required, and coffee, tea and snacks are served.