Dr. Susan Foster, who uses energy work with animals. Photo courtesy of Susan Foster
Dr. Susan Foster is trained in clinical psychology, but her interest in species’ behaviors and actions began with animals. “I started working with animals in nature, in marine biology,” she said. In studying whales and dolphins in the Sea of Cortez, Foster noticed the vibrational energy generated by these species, and it is this use of energy that suffuses her work.

“I consider myself a spiritual counselor and a teacher, using energy to heal,” said Foster. “It’s often not what we say but the vibrational energy and intention that heals.” Foster said she uses hands-on to connect with an animal’s source energy.

She is trained in energy work disciplines including Reiki, Deeksha and Shakti. She discovered through her work that animals, like humans, also enjoy and benefit from healing touch and healing sounds such as tuning forks and vocal sounds.

“Animals come to us with openness and trust,” she noted. In working with them, she said it is important to get to a neutral place oneself. “Make sure you’re clear, dropping your own nervousness or issues.” She explained that unlike us, animals are not troubled by repetitive thoughts and that they exist in a generally calmer state. “In a way, that’s their peaceful blessing.”

Foster advised that when we approach them to heal or calm them, we should also be in a non-troubled state, leaving our own emotional baggage behind, since they do take on our emotional behaviors and illnesses.

“Animals are sentient and sensitive beings,” said Foster. She explained that she works with PTSD-affected military and their dogs. “The dogs [that pick up on the energy and issues of their humans] do everything the wounded warrior would do. They scan the room, they face the door, and they do everything the soldier would do to stay vigilant.”

Foster used the wounded warrior example to show the levels of intuition and sensitivity animals possess, especially with regard to their human companions. “How can we help these beings that have given us so much?” Foster asks. “By being sensitive to their communication and then modeling their own loving behaviors. It’s all about intention. It is the intention that makes the deed holy,”

Foster will have a dog at her presentation to demonstrate how energy healing can be effectively used. She asks though that attendees not bring additional dogs to the presentation. Foster, who is local, is available for private consultation.

Foster’s presentation is at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 17 at Mountain Pawlytechnic Canine Education School at 23400 Highway 243, Pine Cove, across from the Pine Cove Market. There is no charge for admission.