Highway 74 was severely damaged from the runoff of rainfall during the February 14 storm. Cal Trans issued an emergency contract to repair and to restore both Hwy. 74 and Hwy 243 north of Pine Cove.

Below are some photos of the progress of the work. Not only is Cal Trans retoring the breach in the highway, but it is taking the opportunity to scale the steepest hillsides along the highway to reduce the probability of rockslides blocking the highway.

Highway 74 lost a lane and half just east of the Old Control road. The hillside to the right has been tapered and leveling of the roadway has begun. But no new paving has been started.
A closer view of the work to restore the breach in Highway 74
Just west of the repair to Highway 74, the road goes through a hillside. Here one sees the westbound land covered in dirt and a boulder. More boulders are beyond the dirt.
These are the rocks and boulders which Cal Trans is removing to try to reduce the chances of future road blockages from rockslides