The Creepy Crepuscular Crawl digital bib Image courtesy of Pathfinder Ranch

By Pathfinder Ranch

Pathfinder Ranch will host the Creepy Crepuscular Crawl, a virtual race fundraiser, the week of Oct. 25 to 30. The fundraiser features a costume contest, digital medals for all participants and an at-home night hike to help participants learn about local animals and get into the Halloween spirit.
A minimum $15 donation provides each individual with registration for one of the race events, a digital bib and PDF directions for completing their own at-home night hike.

The Creepy Crepuscular Crawl digital medal Image courtesy of Pathfinder Ranch

Interested individuals can learn more and donate to register at Race events include a 5k, a 10k, a 100k Ultra run/walk/wheel and 3-mile and 30-mile cycling races.
Upon completion of their event, participants can submit their race time and an entry into the costume contest and receive their digital finisher’s medal.
The night hike guide that participants receive includes 10 activities for exploring the adaptations of crepuscular animals, or animals that are most active during the dawn and dusk hours of the day like bats, and nocturnal animals, or animals that are most active at night, like most spiders.
A costumed run or walk followed by a spooky night hike can be a perfect way for families to celebrate Halloween safely this year.
“We’re really excited to offer the Creepy Crepuscular Crawl as a way for people to support Pathfinder Ranch while enjoying a fun activity outdoors and celebrating Halloween safely,” said Executive Director Chris Fife.
Pathfinder Ranch, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides youth with opportunities essential to developing into well-rounded and confident adults who demonstrate care for their communities and the environment.