To add to Nancy Borcher’s letter to the editor of the Town Crier in the March 21, edition, American Medical Response receives no tax-base dollars for its service as a contractor to Riverside County as its 911 ambulance provider. All revenue is created by user fees, and AMR’s ambulances in Pine Cove and Anza are funded the same way.
Over the last year, AMR has added 4WD heavy-duty ambulances to its stations in Pine Cove and Anza to enhance capability of emergency services. When on responses, these areas are backfilled by bringing ambulances from valley areas to provide continued readiness and availability of these vital resources for people on the “mountain.” This continues even with the recent highway closures.
AMR remains committed to providing excellent emergency paramedic ambulance service to residents and visitors to the mountain plateau.
Jack Hansen, Operations Manager
AMR Riverside County
Hemet-San Jacinto-Mountain & Pass regions


  1. Is Patrick Reitz’s resignation for a medical reason smoke and mirrors? Did someone offer Reitz employment at South Bay Cable as a consolation prize? Did Mark Lamont lead a power play to oust Reitz and consolidate his grip on the district and his pay?I remind this town the Riverside County Grand Jury demanded IFPD initiate investigation termination proceedings against Lamont for volatiing the firefighters code of ethics. He was paid damn near $300,000 taking Idyllwild and Pine Cove taxpayers for a ride.

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