Last spring, Riverside County announced that the fees for the Idyllwild and Anza transfer stations would be raised.

The then-current 2018 annual fee of $116.88 would be increased $19.80 annually through July 1, 2021, and then a fifth increase of $19.92 would occur July 1, 2022 for a total annual fee of $216.

As part of the fee increase, the county said CR&R, the contractor for Franchise Area 8 (the unincorporated area from Poppet Flats to Pinyon and Anza), would add services.

These new or added services include an annual Clean-Up Week; an antifreeze, batteries, oil and paint center in Idyllwild; two free tire disposal days’ and trash collection service in selected “Snow Play Areas.”

The “Clean-up Weeks” have been set. Corinne Awad, government affairs officer for the county’s Department of Waste Resources, said in an email that the Anza Clean-up Week will be Oct. 20 to 26. Idyllwild’s Clean-up Week will follow from Oct. 27 to Nov. 3.

The antifreeze, batteries, oil and paint center has been created at the Idyllwild Transfer Station and is accepting these materials every third Saturday of each month. For more information, contact CR&R at 800-755-8112.

The first tire disposal day will be 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, May 11. Tire disposal is for Idyllwild residents only. The limitation is nine tires, but the county can grant a waiver. Call DWR at 951-486-3200 by May 4 if you wish to leave more than nine tires.

Other restrictions include no rims on the tires, a 4-foot diameter or less, and only individuals, not businesses or non-profit organizations.

The second tire disposal day will be Saturday, Sept. 21, also at the transfer station.

Residents may bring construction debris to the transfer station on Monday, Thursday or Friday. Construction debris includes carpets, drywall, metal, plastic, and cabinetry. Asphalt concrete rock, roofing and tiles are excluded. There will be a fee, ranging from $48.84 for a light load in a truck, to $65.12 for a heavy load, and $97.70 for a load in a truck and trailer.

And, Awad added, during winter months, CR&R also will provide three bins for trash services during snow-play days.