A question has been raised about the legality of the construction debris fees, which CR&R, the management agency, imposes at the Idyllwild Transfer Station.

The last time the Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved these fees was June 2014. Resolution 2014-081 authorized the then transfer station management, Waste Management Inc., to continue to impose a fee for construction debris.

Responsibility for the construction debris resides with the county’s Department of Environmental Health. The Waste Resources Department does not regulate these materials, which could pose health hazards, such as asbestos and lead that need to be treated differently.

Also, the acceptance of construction and demolition debris at the transfer station eliminates a trip to Lamb Canyon where this waste must eventually be taken.

The current fee structure will expire this year and the board had a new resolution on its agenda for this past Tuesday, May 7. The action was to set a public hearing on the new rate structures for Tuesday, May 21.