U.S. Attorney cures previous filing error

On June 19, in a somewhat tersely written order, Judge Otis D. Wright II, United States District judge for the Central District of California in Los Angeles, chastised the parties for failing to submit a joint status report on June 10, as previously ordered, and threatened to dismiss their case: United States v. Tarek M. Al-Shawaf, et al., in which the federal government seeks damages due to the July 2013 Mountain Fire that swept around Idyllwild and caused its evacuation.
The court ordered the parties to show cause, in writing, by June 24, 2019, why the court should not lift the stay and dismiss the case for failure to prosecute. Failure to comply with that order, the judge wrote, may result in the dismissal of plaintiff’s case.
On the morning of June 24, the U.S. Attorney’s Office filed its response and fifth status report in compliance with the court’s order in which Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Finn advised the court that all parties have now agreed to a final release and dismissal agreement in full settlement and resolution of this federal lawsuit. As soon as all parties and counsel have received and signed the final release and settlement agreement, they will file a dismissal stipulation with the court, Finn wrote.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office requested a further stay of the case pending the filing of the dismissal petition. In response, Wright, for good cause shown, ordered the parties to file a further joint status report on or before July 12, or to file a dismissal that complied with federal rules.
The Town Crier will report on the content of the settlement agreement when it becomes available