By Bob Rahman, idyllwild

Just thought I would share a moment of embarrassment with all of you, since word travels fast in this little town. You should hear my side of the story ... 
On Wednesday, July 24, as I was leaving the post office with my yellow slip Amazon pick up package, I was looking through my mail as I walked to my car. I opened the car door and slipped the package in between the front seats for the ride home. This is where things started going downhill.  
The dog started barking at me. I thought, this seems odd since I didn’t bring the dog with me. In fact, I don’t even have a dog. I quickly shut the door and tried to figure out how a dog got in my car. My 81st birthday is on Saturday, the 27th, so it took a moment to figure out that I had just put my package in someone else’s car.  I wasn’t about to open the door and stick my hand in to retrieve my package from my new furry little friend.
I returned to the post office and asked the crowd of Idyllwilders if anyone owned the same car.  “Yes.”  I got the response I was waiting for and I announced to every one there that I had just put my package in the wrong car. It is the same color and body shape as my car.  After the laughter died down, the owner of the dog and car (turns out we know each other by sight) walked me to the car and returned my package to me. Christina promised to hold his place in line while we did this.  
Just wanted everyone to know how much Elaine and I love this wonderful place we call Idyllwild and everyone’s tolerance of some of the foolish things that people do.

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