Agrees to stay away from Pine Cove

On Aug. 6, Scott Shere, of Pine Cove, pleaded guilty to two felony counts. He pleaded guilty to both issuing criminal death threats and sending a threatening letter with the intent to extort money. Two other charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.
When Shere was originally arrested Jan. 25, a charge was filed for making terrorist threats, which is a felony. He directed these threats toward Pine Cove Water District employees and also threatened to contaminate the water supply. When the case was taken to court, the district attorney added three more counts — the threatening letter and extortion — and a misdemeanor for telephone harassment.
Judge Paul Dickerson, who presided over Shere’s plea bargain, sentenced him to state prison for a total term of 9 years and 10 months. However, he suspended the sentence and approved three years of probation instead.
The district attorney’s office has been asked why the term was reduced to probation. As of press time, the Town Crier had not received a response.
The plea agreement specifies that Shere must “stay 100 yards away from Pine Cove, California, and do not enter premises described as from Pine Cove, California.”
Among the other terms are a prohibition on owning any firearms or ammunition. Also, he must participate and complete counseling and a rehabilitation treatment program that his probation officer approves.
A mental health hearing was scheduled for Sept. 10.
Shere was released from custody in February. A settlement hearing was scheduled in March. He missed that hearing and the rescheduled hearing. His bail was revoked and he has been in custody since April when he was arrested again for missing those two hearings.