Several items were on the agenda at the Fern Valley Water District (FVWD) board meeting Nov. 15. The board discussed the pipeline replacement project, new rain gauges, well level recordings, and current production and water storage. In addition, the board approved employee annual bonuses.

As of Nov. 15, 2,700 feet, or almost 70%, of the pipeline replacement project had been completed. The project is replacing a total of 3,910 feet of pipeline.

Victor Jimenez, FVWD’s general manager, wrote in his general manager’s report: “El-Co Contractors, Inc. (El-Co) continues the pipeline replacement project with good results, but have recently encountered an increase in rock-related delays.” El-Co encountered “several large rocks, one in excess of 18 feet long, that required use of the breaker …” Also in his report is that El-Co had to bring up a “larger excavator to deal with the increase in rockwork, as the backhoe was no longer effective.”

Rain gauges
The district has installed three rain gauges at various locations. One at the district’s office, one at the filter plant by Humber Park and the other at tank 11 above Chipmunk Drive.

Well level
Static well levels decreased an average of 1.12 feet from the prior month’s reading.

Current production and storage
Between Friday, Nov. 1 and Thursday, Nov. 7, production averaged 17,830 cubic feet per day. The report outlines that “groundwater has been the source as the filter plant has been off-line pending completion of the carbon changeout and disinfection.” Production decreased 9% since the last measurement taken in October.

The district’s board, in a 3-1 vote, approved a $250 annual bonus for each district employee. The item on the agenda is listed as “Employee annual gift.” According to Office Manager Jessica Priefer, after asking legal counsel about the item, the district is naming it a bonus, not a gift.