The National Weather Service issued red flag warnings for the area and Cal Fire issued a press release that it is “staffing up and preparing for the forecasted extreme fire weather across California” between Wednesday and Friday evening.  Check for updates.

“With some of the most destructive and deadliest fires occurring October through December, we need Californians to not be complacent. Wind-driven fires move fast, and residents need to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice in the event of a wildfire,” said Cal Fire Director Thom Porter. Cal Fire wants the public to know that the agency “is not involved in the decision making of when and where the power is turned off, or when the power will be turned back on when such conditions arise.”

The agency will, however, request a power shut-off from a utility company for the safety of firefighters when fighting a wildfire around powerlines. “The power shut-off request will only be for within the fire area and this is to provide for the safety of firefighters within that area,” according to the press release.