I cannot lose another country. You do not know how it hurts to give up a country. I do, but this time, no one is going to take America away from me.
Yes, history repeats itself. That is why I know and see clearly how we, the American people, are being used, abused and lied to.
Politicians are filling their pockets and using their power to control us. They are taking more and more of our democracy away from us.
I was eleven years old when World War II was over in Germany. It was a horrible war and it is forever a part of my heart and soul. My part of the country was given to Russia and I lived under communism and socialism for 10 years.
People had their properties taken with the explanation, “It is now all the wealth, the prosperity of the people.”
When the wall came down in 1989 in East Germany, it was in shambles. However, West Germany was prospering.
I studied languages and was a language teacher for two years.
The KGB was watching, listening and spying on people all the time. We were not safer. We had the same situation again like under Hitler. If you spoke against the regime, you were picked up, and never seen again.
I had enough!
I immigrated to the United States in 1956. It took two years to get my visa. My aunt and uncle, who had come to America earlier, sponsored me. This way of letting people into America worked well.
I was due a small refund from my passage from the American Express. I went into the office to speak with the manager. After speaking with him, the manager offered me a job. I had only been in the country for three days.
People who want to immigrate, should want to integrate, learn English and give back to the country ⎯ not take.
That is what I do. I give back to this wonderful country. America is the best country in the world. My “high” is loving America, respecting it and helping people.
We are at a crossroads. This country is in great danger. We must speak up and demand a change. Don’t be afraid good people. The right is on our side.

Gisela Stearns,