By Marsha Kennedy

Idyllwild Snow Group

Idyllwilders are, for the most part, an independent and resourceful sort. Residents have born the demands of snow-play visitors for many years. It’s just that in recent winters, the numbers have become so large and the behavior so undesirable that it’s time to rethink our responses. We win no prizes for silently enduring disrespect and abuse.

When there are trespassers on your property, call the sheriff’s office and report it. Here are four reasons why:

1) California’s “pure” comparative negligence standard for liability;

2) The potential for property damage;

3) The possibility that your yard will be littered or used as an outhouse;

4) The likelihood that a squeaky hinge will be oiled.

The squeaky hinge adage holds true because calls to the sheriff’s station are logged and, more importantly, counted. Few calls indicate few problems. On the other hand, a high-call volume with reports of trespassing, theft, threatening behavior and so on alerts the sheriff’s department of serious issues. This advice comes from Riverside County Sheriff’s Capt. Leonard Purvis.

If Idyllwilders build a call record that spikes during snow-play visitor events, it can affect future resource allocation. For everyone’s safety and well-being during snow events, we need sheriff’s deputies on the Hill helping us. To get more, call more.

In addition to 911, the sheriff’s non-emergency number is 951-776-1099.

The Snow Group appreciates the many who’ve expressed their support for our project. Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington recently contacted us by email with encouraging words: “Marsha, this is an amazing effort put forth that will benefit the entire Hill — thank you! I will share your info with my entire staff.”

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