One of the main items on the Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) board meeting agenda was removing former board member Steven King as a check signer and adding newly appointed board member Rose Venard.
In the FY 2019/20 budget, 46% of the general manager’s discretionary fund has been used. Jerry Holldber is the general manager for the district. The total budgeted amount of the discretionary fund is $3,000. The funds have generally been used in the past for Christmas cards for employees, funeral flowers if one of the board members passes away, and whatever else is necessary, according to the district’s office.
The district pays its workers compensation in one payment at the beginning of the fiscal year. PCWD allocated $15,000 in its FY 2019/20 budget and paid out $14,384.
The district has received 24% of its FY 2019/20 income. The projected income is $1,050,000. The district has received $251,279.
The board pushed back on hiring an additional limited term field employee. Holldber reminded the board that routine maintenance needs to be completed. The work is difficult to complete in a timely manner due to a lean staff.
“We want the work done right,” said Holldber during the conversation.
Operations report
According to the operations report, the district produced 2,859,550 gallons of water in September 2017 and produced 2,969,290 gallons in September of this year.
Next board meeting
The next Pine Cove Water District meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Nov. 13 at the district’s board room, 24917 Marion Ridge Drive.