Changes are underway with the Idyllwild Community Fund (ICF). The members reaching their four-year maximum tenure are heading out, opening up positions for new members.
As of Jan. 1, 2020 ICF Advisory Committee members that are leaving are ICF President Shannon Ng and ICF Committee Member Christopher Scott. Vice President Merria Velasco will move up to the position of president to replace Ng.
“Leading this fantastic group of advisory committee members has me feeling humbled and proud,” Velasco said. “This is a truly altruistic group. I’m excited to help Idyllwild and the wonderful nonprofit organizations that support our mountain town. With this team, I am very excited to continue our mission: strengthening Idyllwild through shared resources.”
There are new members joining the ICF as well including Jason Park, Justin Barrett, Nancy Beddingfield and Shannah Zorn.
“The new members bring a myriad of talents and background experience,” Velasco said. “I believe this group is poised to continue granting funds to our area nonprofits and work toward increasing those funds over the coming years.”