Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats celebrated Mr. Gray’s adoption.
Terra: Wow! What a week for ARF!
Tillie: All of the puppies were adopted, as were the puppies’ mama. Benny was also adopted!
Terra: But the beautiful kittens Angus and Anita are still looking for their homes.
Zeus: How is Mr. Gray doing?
Sadie: I heard his new guardian say he is doing well.
Thomas: On another note, I have been working on a poem since we last shared our creativity. I’d like to read it to you now.
Sadie: Let’s hear it!
Thomas: Here goes…
‘Tis the time
For holiday cheer.
Maybe my family
Is very near.
A cat, a kitten A puppy, a dog To cuddle with you Near the yule log. I wait at ARF And hope to see A forever family That wants to love me.
Sadie: That’s beautiful, Thomas!
Zeus: Wait! I’ve got one, too! Here it goes…
There once was a cat named Bear
Who had lots and lots of hair
And a cat named Zeus
As big as a moose
Both waiting for you to care!
Sadie: Uh, okay Zeus. That was nice, I think.
Whiskers: Well, Zeus’ poem did accurately reflect how we all feel.
Tillie: Thomas’ poem really touched my heart.
Terra: Hopefully, it will touch the hearts of humans reading it.
Bear: We all do. We’d really be happy to be part of a forever family for the holidays and regular days of the year.
Terra: Yes, we want forever families.
Whiskers: Three cheers for forever families and especially for Mr. Gray. If he found his forever home, we all should be able to find a forever home.
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