Idyllwild youth came out strong in last week’s basketball games as Idyllwild Community Center’s youth basketball league brings out the talent. Photos by Jenny Kirchner

By Will Steichen, Idyllwild Community Center Director

Division 1: 5- to 9-year-olds
Last week started off with the Rockets facing the undefeated Lakers. Luke Olivier, of the Rockets, had great offensive plays, giving him many shots on the basket but Orion Collinson and the Lakers were able to hold on to the win.
Up next, the Clippers faced the Warriors in a close match. Miles Sechrest, of the Clippers, scored big. However, Aydin McCormick and the rest of the Warriors team had great passing and defense leading them to a close win.
Last Tuesday had just as impressive games starting with the Lakers up against the Clippers. Mari Asiedu, of the Lakers, played all sides of the court and helped keep the Lakers’ undefeated title going. To round out the week for the younger division, the Rockets played the Warriors. Chaz Piche, of the Rockets, played incredible defense but Cade Brown and the rest of the Warriors were able to work hard and come away with a win.
Division 2: 10- to 15-year-olds
Thursday brought exciting matchups to start the older division games. The Clippers hit the court with the Warriors for an intense matchup. Tara Geisinger, of the Warriors, played defense like a seasoned veteran with too many rebounds to count. However, after three lead changes, Skyler Kraemer and the rest of the Clippers were able to come away on top.
To round out the night, the Bulls faced the Lakers. Logan Wilkerson, of the Bulls, played great defense, stealing the ball away multiple times, but that wasn’t enough to stop Griffin Kretsinger and the Lakers from playing an impressive winning game.
Friday night brought exciting games, with the Clippers going up against the Lakers. Indigo Dagnall had many great defensive plays, but Darius Esparza helped the Lakers with points on the board allowing the Lakers to hold on to their win.
To finish the basketball week off, the Warriors played the Bulls. The Bulls’ Aaron Hyland drained a perfect 3-pointer, but Kai Steigen and the Warriors answered right back and won the intense game.