Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discussed fosters and marketing their population.
Sparky: So what the heck was that?
Bear: What was what?
Sparky: There were puppies here, then there weren’t!
Bear: Oh yeah, the German shepherd puppies! ARF took them in and they were adopted immediately.
Sparky: Do puppies usually go that fast?
Sadie: Puppies and kittens do not last long around here. The mainstays are the adult cats.
Whiskers: I guess those cute little baby faces really get to people.
Sadie: But they need to realize that the puppy or kitten behavior comes right along with the cute face.
Pepper: But those cute faces, baby or not, will work to win the Pets of the Year contest.
Sadie: Oh yeah, that contest ends this Friday at 9 p.m.
Whiskers: So it is a dollar per vote, correct?
Pepper: And every single penny goes right back into our community to pay for necessary veterinary care.
Zeus: That’s great. So the ARF people aren’t raising money for ARF’s needs, right?
Pepper: Nope! All the funds raised are given back to families who really need assistance.
Zeus: So if someone adopted me and then couldn’t afford, let’s say my dental, ARF would use these funds to help?
Sparky: That is right. ARF is doing this to help the pets of our mountain communities.
Whiskers: That’s good to know.
Sparky: Then I guess it is safe to say there are very few reasons for not adopting one of us beautiful adult cats.
Bear: No kidding. Because if an unaffordable veterinary expense arises, ARF is here to help.
Sparky: If humans understand this, they might flock to us!
Zeus: And we would find our forever families!
Whiskers: Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
Sparky: That it would.
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