Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats mused about the current challenges facing everyone. 

Bear: You know it has been quiet here, but it seems even more quiet than usual.  

Lulu: Most likely this is because the kittens have all gone to their forever homes.

Whiskers: That is very good news, for them.

Flora: I feel a little sad. I was so used to the kitten antics. You know what I mean — their running around, climbing on things and general silliness was pretty entertaining.

Whiskers:  I don’t want to be a broken record, but it is really sad that we are still here. I would at least like a human visitor or two. 

Flora: I had lots of visitors in the last few weeks. Correction: I didn’t. The kittens did.

Pepper: Things will be a bit busier here on June 10.  Our veterinarian will be here for a modified Sadie’s Clinic.

Flora: What does that mean?

Pepper: The doc will have a limited “menu” of sorts. He will perform heart worm tests, administer vaccinations including rattlesnake and test cats for feline leukemia. 

Zeus: That sounds as though he is offering the essentials.

Pepper: And they truly are essential. Just one bite by an infected mosquito can give a dog the deadly heart worm disease, but a monthly dose of prevention will take care of any dog.

Zeus: Yikes! And what is this about rattlesnakes?  

Pepper: Rattlers are quite common up here on the Hill. The rattlesnake vaccination doesn’t guarantee a dog will survive a bite, but it will buy it time to get to a vet who can administer antivenom. 

Bear: At least the pup will have a fighting chance. Sadie’s Clinic offers these vaccinations?   

Pepper: It does! Pet guardians need to make appointments for this modified clinic.

Lulu: It has been a few months since the last clinic, so I bet many will be ready to show up on June 10.   

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