This year’s process to select the recipients of the Idyllwild Scholarship Fund (ISF) was a little different than years past, where graduates were interviewed by an entire committee. 

“It was a bit intense for the kids, but they always presented themselves well,” said Shannon Ng of the ISF.  

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students were asked to create a video under 10 minutes answering two of the four following questions and provide an introduction about where they plan to attend college or post-high school education and what they plan to study. 

1) Is there one person or event in your life that had a major inference on you? If so, how did that person or event influence you?

2) What is a book you have read that was particularly meaningful to you and tell us why this was impactful in your life?

3) What are some obstacles or challenges you foresee in accomplishing your educational goals? 

4) Select three words to describe yourself and explain why you chose those words.  

In addition, students were asked how their career plans will contribute to making their community a better place. 

“I’m not sure about the future,” said Ng, when asked if the committee will keep this new format to select the award recipients. “The videos were a great workaround this year, but several members missed meeting the students in person. It’s a conversation ISF will have next time they meet. The students’ plaques and award letters will be hand delivered this year versus having a ceremony at the Idyllwild Library.”