As local business or organization reopen, you’ll need to let your patrons, clients and customers know not just that you’re reopening, but your reopening date, how and where you’ll reopen, your business hours, what products or services you’ll provide and all the reopening sales, specials, and other incentives you’ll offer to bring your clientele flooding back. 

During those all-important reopening months, here’s what a Town Crier newspaper display ad — especially with photos — can do for you each week:

If you’re an inn, show your guests your fine rooms and tell them about your welcome-back discounts and incentives. 

If you’re a restaurant or coffee house, show them your celebrating patrons and include your menu and reopening specials. 

If you’re a market or gift shop, show them your finest wares and specials.

If you’re a service provider — including contractors of all types — welcome back your patrons and clients who have allowed much-needed maintenance and improvements to go unattended during the virus shut down.

And if you’re a community service organization, let everyone know how and when you’re back in service.

For the crucial reopening weeks and months that follow, Town Crier advertising will be here to help you all grow back in business. Call the Town Crier office at 951-659-2145 to talk to Lisa for newspaper display ads, the Explore Idyllwild Directory & Map and the Idyllwild Phone Book. 

Talk to Mandy for classified ads, legal notices and the service directory.