Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats talked about mani-pedis for local pets. 

Lulu: I am getting tired of this quietness here.

Zeus: We all are. I don’t think we will see much activity until Sadie’s Clinic. 

Whiskers: And that’s not until the 10th!

Lulu: But it’s gonna be very busy! Lots of dogs and cats have been waiting for vaccinations and tests.

Whiskers: I really hope pet guardians have made their appointments. There will be no room for walk-ins. 

Zeus: I bet it will be the same for the nail trim clinic on June 30.

Pepper: Meanwhile, we all just hang out here hoping a loving human will decide to take us home forever. 

Sadie: It would be a little livelier in here if we had some dogs. They are always entertaining!

Pepper: No kidding! ARF has been getting dogs, but they have been adopted within days. We haven’t really had any chance of getting to know them. 

Zeus: I think things will change pretty soon. 

Pepper: Wouldn’t that be so nice?

Zeus: But no one at ARF is rushing. They say “better safe than sorry” whenever we encourage them to go back to normal.  

Pepper: Whatever normal is. 

Bear: I hope humans realize that things are different except for the mosquitos that share heartworm with dogs and those nasty diseases that look for unvaccinated pets.   

Pepper: And those same humans may bring their beloved pets to Sadie’s Clinic to get necessary protection. I’m so glad the clinic is back so dogs and cats may be safe and healthy. 

Sadie: Well put, Pepper.   

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