Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF dogs and cats shared their secrets for wooing their way into humans’ hearts.


Bobbie: George, have you noticed Veronica isn’t here?

George: Now that you mention it, it’s rather quiet today.


Bobbie: She is on a trial adoption. I know she is hopeful that this really is her forever home.

Audrey: Why is it these dogs find their forever homes so much more quickly than us cats?

Mr. Gray: I’ll tell you why. I think dogs aren’t as selective as we are. We need to really study the human to see if she fits our requirements as a forever guardian. We want her to sit with us for a while here in the cattery so we may study her, learn what she’s about.

Audrey: Dogs don’t do that?

Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray: I suppose they do, to a degree. But dogs usually fall for a good belly rub and some treats. We require a little more


time. I don’t fall for just any good chin scratch or treat.

Audrey: I guess you’re right. I want to know a lot about anyone interested in being my forever guardian.

Mr. Gray: The problem seems to be that these humans don’t understand that they need to give us a chance to know them. I wish they would come into the ARF cattery, ready to spend some time and give us a chance to trust them.

George: Well, I’m not quite as picky as you two. Neither is Bobbie.

Bobbie: I’m easier because I have learned that if I jump into a lap or rub up against legs, I immediately get the attention I want. And when the human begins to pet me, I get to know him.

Mr. Gray: Well, we’re not all like you, Bobbie.

Audrey: That’s just the way we are. But I guarantee that if we’re given some time, we’ll be as friendly as Bobbie.

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In Memory of all our beloved pets.