Pipeline project to come in under budget

The Fern Valley Water District’s office remains closed to the public. The district’s board held its meeting June 19 via teleconference. The agenda included the approval of the proposed FY 2020/21 budget, the consideration of a no-cost policy and updates on the pipeline project and fire hydrant purchase and replacement.

The pipeline replacement project will come in under budget by approximately $42,000. The district has received $85,000 more in property tax money than originally anticipated.  

The district will be purchasing 20 more fire hydrants. The district recently upgraded six fire hydrants and has 14 currently in stock at the district to replace for a total of 40 hydrants being upgraded. 

The approval of a no-cost policy was brought before the board due to the excess rock as a result of the pipeline replacement project. The excess rock is available for purchase from the district at a nominal fee. Contact the district office at 951-659-2200 for more information and to set up purchase.

The district’s budget was increased by $60,000 from the last meeting to include the purchase of a district vehicle for Office Manager Jessica Priefer, who will take the position of assistant general manager on July 1. General Manager Victor Jimenez added it to the FY 2020/21 budget so Priefer does not use her personal vehicle when out in the field. The vehicle will be equipped with emergency lights and radio. The $60,000 will include everything and Jimenez stated he will bring bids for a SUV to the board for approval. Priefer will be in the field on occasion for training experience as she receives her water treatment and distribution certifications. The district was reimbursing $1,200 in mileage each year for Priefer to run bank deposits and complete other district errands in her personal vehicle.

The district allocated up to $30,000 for the Idyllwild emergency siren system. 

The next Fern Valley Water District board meeting will be Friday, July 10 at 9 a.m.