Holding organizations accountable
Dear editor:
Thank you for taking the time to attend the various public meetings for organizations funded by taxpayers and holding public officials of those organizations accountable for violations of laws and rules designed to keep their business dealings accountable.  
We depend on your diligence to keep their actions transparent and to inform the public when transgressions happen. In the case of Pine Cove Water District (PCWD), I believe that Jerry Holldber is a jolly good fellow and does a good job for PCWD, but still must follow the rules of law like all public servants.
Kathy Bryson

Social distancing and masks
Dear editor:
I would question the wisdom of the picture in last week’s Town Crier of the Team Rubicon participants. 
There are no masks and no social distancing. At the present time, it would seem to me that this attitude poses a larger danger than the fire season. To protect our community, why not help prevent the spread of coronavirus as well as the spread of a fire?
Perry Dyke

PCWD coverage
Dear editor:
As usual, you [Melissa Diaz Hernandez], and Jack and Becky Clark are spot on doing the correct thing to report on the Pine Cove Water District’s doings and other things on the Hill. I am proud of all of you to keep us truthfully informed of what is happening. 
Idyllwild is near and dear to me.
I live in Palm Springs. Beginning in the 1950s, we rented homes for the summer in Idyllwild. In 1971, we purchased a home that we owned for 28 years.
I was fortunate to meet Betty and Ernie Maxwell in the days the office was in Fern Valley. Later, I was blessed to serve with Ernie on the Riverside County Historical Commission.  
Keep up the good work. I will renew my membership again this year.
Kitty Kieley Hayes
Palm Springs

Water board transparency
Dear editor:
Thanks for your hard work on all the other issues on “The Hill.” I appreciate how you’ve held the course on water board transparency, etc.
Evan Mills
Mendocino and Idyllwild

Truth is simple
Dear editor: 
My father taught me long ago, the truth is simple to remember and fiction is just a story. Sometimes it’s a challenge to remember a story, but the truth will always stand on its own. 
Truth can sometimes hurt. I feel that is what some individuals are seeing today in our community. 
Stay true to your form, honesty and integrity — YOU ROCK! 
I must add, it’s great to see publishers with a spine supporting the excellent staff at the Town Crier.
Bill Tell 
Fern Valley