Abatement inspection update

Dear editor:
(Editor’s note: Chuck Weisbart wrote a letter to the editor published on June 18 expressing concern about abatement requirements not being enforced for absent property owners. Here’s his follow-up about the situation in his neighborhood.)
Ralph Hoetger, president of the Idyllwild Fire Protection District (IFPD) board, and Chief Mark LaMont came out to walk the lot in question.   
When crossing paths with Hoetger, I was informed that after the walking of said lot a notice of abatement was sent to the owner of the lot. There has been no formal response from the fire department.   
As it’s been about 30 days, we are unaware if a citation has been issued.
When we asked about prior years notices and citations etc., LaMont stated they could only find notices from 2019 and those were the only records he could find.   
No mention of a citation or follow-up.  
The lot hasn’t been cleaned in the 10 years we have been here and it looks like IFPD just goes through the motions with no follow-up and even less follow-through. 
How IFPD wears a Teflon coat and is never held responsible for what the residents are paying them to do is beyond me! 
Chuck Weisbart 

Wearing masks

Dear editor:
Do you wear a seat belt in your car?  
Do you obey the speed limit?  
Do you wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle?  
Do you stop at a stop sign?   
These are all laws and regulations created to save your life or someone else’s life. Wearing a face covering is exactly the same.  
It isn’t taking anything away from your freedoms but certainly can save a life! Wearing a face covering can get us over this crisis quicker and on with the freedoms we all enjoy.  
None of us likes to wear a mask but you can do it! 
Sandy Reed