An exterior shot of the new Town Crier office. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

We’re still open for all the services we usually provide. But, for the safety of our staff, the Town Crier office will do its business by phone. 

You can call from your home, your place of work — you can even talk to Mandy by phone while sharing smiles through our front office window — and you can slip papers under the door. But we want to eliminate person-to-person contact as much as possible during these COVID times for the safety of everybody.

And, please, let’s all help get California back on its feet as quick as we can by wearing our masks whenever we’re out and keeping social distancing as much as possible for the duration. You know, my parents went through an even worse virus pandemic as tots, then the Great Depression as teens, then the Second World War in their twenties. That’s a lot of negativity for one young generation. 

We will get through this, too — full-timers, part-timers and all you Town Crier Members out there who count as extended members of our Hill community — all of us.

So, let’s pull together, each of us doing his and her part to get our community well and back to normal as soon as we can — masks and distancing, everybody!

Once again, a huge thank you to all you Members who keep renewing and to all you Members joining us just now. And a thank you to our Advertisers! You are all helping to keep a real newspaper serving our community.