Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats learned of the new, safe procedures for Sadie’s Clinic and nail trim clinics.

Zeus: (speaking to an empty office) Hello! Is anyone around? 

Bear: (entering office) I am, but I’m thinking I might be the only one. It certainly is quiet in here.

Zeus: Hello, Bear. Yes, it is quiet in here and I am positive it’s because of this pandemic. Lots of rescues and shelters are experiencing the same. 

Whiskers: Hey, guys. What’s going on? 

Zeus: We were just taking about how quiet things are around here. It’s just us cats. The kittens are all in their forever homes and there are no dogs that I’m aware of. 

Whiskers: I guess that’s good?

Pepper: I guess it’s good if we like lots of peace and quiet. 

Sadie: But things were much livelier when we had the nail trim clinic. 

Pepper: And it will be just as lively on Aug. 5 with Sadie’s Clinic. 

Zeus: It is so good to know that humans, despite the pandemic, are focusing on their beloved four-legged pets.  

Pepper: That’s right! They are making appointments for dentals, spays and neuters, and all of those required vaccinations.  

Sadie: And heartworm tests, too!  

Bear: Heartworms are scary. All it takes is one mosquito bite by an infected mosquito. Yikes!

Heavenly Whiskers: I hope dog guardians are protecting their pups from this very nasty disease. 

Zeus: I also hope cat guardians are paying as much attention to their felines. They also need dentals, spays and neuters, and vaccinations. You know, we are just as important to families as dogs are!

Bear: Truth! 

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