Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” a new cat and three new dogs were introduced. 

Little Girl: I suppose you all are looking to me, the new office cat, to give you the latest news.

Tinkerbell: We are. What is it?

Little Girl: We have been over-run with kittens, six of ’em!

George: Holy catnip! Six?

Little Girl: That’s right. They are the Kapital Kittens, each named after a state capital.

Roadie: Kittens! They’re cool. I like them.

Bodie: Me, too.

Pepper: Wow, cat-loving dogs.

Ivory: Don’t forget me. I’m a cat-loving dog, too.

Little Girl: Back to the kittens. There are two girls, Juno and Augusta. The boys are Trenton, Denver, Austin and Phoenix. They’re only 6 weeks old, but they are so ready for their forever homes.

Bodie: As are we dogs! People need to know I’m great with cats and other dogs, but I really don’t want to be in a home with children.

Roadie: And I also am happy with dogs and cats, but kids are OK for me. I would love a family that might like to take me for hikes.

Ivory: I just want to have a good napping place, a little play time, and lots of attention. I’m old, you know.

Anabel: Old? You certainly don’t seem old to me.

Ivory: I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s for sure! Humans should know that all three of us dogs are house-trained and have really good manners.

Pepper: So, Little Girl, when will we meet these kittens?

Little Girl: Hold your horses, Pepper! Give them a chance to settle in. I’ll bring them in to meet you very soon.

George: Can’t wait! A little kitten love goes a long way.

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