After receiving multiple inquiries about the noisy dump trucks coming in and out of the Foster Lake area dumping rock at early morning hours on Idyllwild Water District’s (IWD) property, the Town Crier reached out to the IWD General Manager Leo Havener to find out what was going on. The newspaper never received a response.  

The newspaper then contacted Riverside County Department of Transportation after seeing the agency’s trucks come and go from the area. 

“[W]e are not aware of any projects in that area,” wrote Yvette Munoz from the transportation department. 

Road work has been occurring on Tollgate Road and other locations. The newspaper responded asking if the agency was dumping rock at Foster Lake. 

Munoz sent the following reply: “… here is the response I received from our Road Maintenance Division Manager Paul Russell: Foster Lake is where we had our chip seal rock delivered. The contractor delivering the chip road was coming and going to the stock-pile location earlier than 6 a.m. They had finished delivering the chip seal rock we needed when we heard of the complaint. The vendor was notified and they said they were done delivering. Our department trucks are hauling out of this stockpile location but we don’t start until about 7 or 8 a.m. depending on the temperature in the morning.”