The retail space next to Café Aroma has been intermittently filled with art over the years. Golden Pine Gallery recently moved in after the space had been vacant for some time.

Original work by Konrad Carter in the foreground.

Julianna Poldi, the owner, opened the gallery in July.

While Poldi shows her own artistic paintings, she also has other artists’ work on display.

“I took the space over in July,” Poldi said. “I have the estate of Lynne Mapp Drexler. She was an artist from the 1950s and 1960s.”

Poldi also curates paintings from three of her students: Donald Layman, Tim Johnson and Konrad Carter.

According to Golden Pine Gallery’s website, Carter uses many painting layers that form into a topography of shapes, colors and textures. From his days in Los Angeles to his impressions of Palm Springs, Carter’s organic textures reflect that of both the chaotic city life of L.A. to the more playful and relaxed atmosphere of Palm Springs.

Julianna Poldi’s ‘heart’ collection.

Johnson’s subject matter ranges from landscapes to seascapes, abstracts to portraiture. Johnson uses oil, acrylics, and various mixed media for his work. He is also experienced with pastel portraiture.

Layman expresses his self-taught work through dealing with his personal battle with depression and anxiety.

“I plunged a brush through my heart to celebrate the pulchritude of my tormented soul,” Layman is quoted as saying on Golden Pine Gallery’s website.

As for Poldi herself she said, “I’ve been painting for 30 years. Paintings allow me to transform the perspective of my inner world into an outer reality — making the invisible visible with the materials, through feel and touch.”

The front deck of the Golden Pine Gallery.

Poldi received a Master of Fine Arts from John F. Kennedy University.

She has provided students with her vast knowledge and artistic abilities of painting. She teaches painting workshops, which originally started in Mexico 10 years ago. Poldi has also adapted with the new times commenting, “I have a regular Zoom class on Mondays and in-person classes are by request for now.”

Even though the gallery is only about a month into business, Poldi is interested in keeping the plans for the gallery fluid. She wants to incorporate what the community sees for the space.

“I’m open to suggestions from the community,” Poldi said. “I’m considering bringing in art supplies and I’d like to bring in oracle cards. I’m open to whatever the community needs and wants.”

Hoping to make more connections within the community, Poldi is hoping to have artists join her at Golden Pine Gallery.

“I want to invite artists to come out and paint on the deck, maybe bring some live music in also,” she said.

Be sure to swing by Golden Pine Gallery at 54750 N. Circle Dr. next door to Café Aroma.