Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats met Oreo, the new ARF dog.
Whiskers: Lots of excitement this past week.
Sadie: Got that right. Oreo went to his forever home after several potential guardians met him.
Pepper: Both Oreo and the family are very lucky.
Sadie: And kittens! Did you hear about the whirlwind of kittens?
Pepper: How could I not? It was busy in the kittenry.
Whiskers: Pepper, tell everyone about what happened.
Pepper: So, if you remember, the gray kitten was still looking for a home. He found it and then a litter of two came in.
Sadie: And they were adopted almost immediately!
Pepper: Sadie, this is my story!
Sadie: Oh, sorry. Please continue.
Pepper: One of the two was adopted immediately, so that left one until …
Whiskers: Until what?
Pepper: Until one more came in. Now ARF has two kittens looking for forever home, a boy and a girl.
Sadie: Wow! What a busy week.
Whiskers: I took a peek at them. The boy is white with big black spots. He is very unique, and the girl is all black.
Pepper: If they are adopted as quickly as the others, you will need to get to know them fast.
Whiskers: I’ll do that today. Who knows how long they will be here?
Sadie: Then things will be quiet again.
Pepper: That is until Labor Day weekend when ARF has its yard sale. They have lots and lots of stuff to sell, a year’s worth.
Whiskers: Oh boy. And I’m assuming all visitors will wear masks and practice social distancing.
Pepper: I’m sure everyone will. I certainly don’t want our ARF volunteers to get sick!
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