Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats talked about ARF’s new appointment-only policy.
Holly: (entering the cattery with Willow) Hello, everyone. I figured it is about time we formally meet.
Willow: I’m Willow, a beautiful Calico who is ready for a forever family.
Holly: And I’m Holly, mother of the litter here at ARF. I’ll be ready for a forever family in a few weeks once my kittens are ready to go to theirs.
Pepper: Welcome to ARF. Although, I don’t think you’ll be here for long.
Lulu: You two are so very friendly with every human who comes to visit.
Pepper: You two will be such wonderful additions to any family.
Willow: Thank you for your kind words.
Holly: Willow, being a stunning Calico should keep you busy with interested families.
Whiskers: And Holly, you are so incredibly friendly and a beautiful tabby to boot!
Pepper: Holly, I heard that only a couple of your kittens are still looking for families.
Holly: That’s right, so interested humans had better call for their appointments soon.
Pepper: This week is Thanksgiving, so maybe we can share with each other for what we are thankful.
Lulu: I am thankful that ARF has given all of us a safe home while we look for our forever families.
Pepper: I am thankful for the fosters who step up to care for ARF dogs until they are adopted.
Whiskers: I am thankful for the humans who make appointments to see us and the kittens.
Willow: I am thankful for the fosters who cared for me and my litter. Who knows where we would all be without them?
Holly: And I think the ARF humans are so very thankful for the Idyllwild community residents who continually support them and their efforts.
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