Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats met new ARF cat Flash.

Whiskers: My head is spinning.
Pepper: Why’s that?
Whiskers: Remember the new cat we met last week? Flash?
Pepper: Flash, of course. What a sweet cat.
Whiskers: Flash was gone in, well, a flash! He has been adopted.
Pepper: Already? That is wonderful.
Whiskers: And remember Metta and Triton? They’ve been adopted as well!
Pepper: Wow! This is wonderful news.
Whiskers: And we have two more new cats!
Apricot: (entering the room) Talking about me? I’m Apricot and this is my brother Cinnamon.
Cinnamon: (joining the group) Hi! Nice to meet all of you.
Marcel: You two seem very, very friendly.
Pepper: I heard the ARF humans marveling at how friendly you are.
Lulu: ARF certainly has its share of very affectionate cats.
Marcel: And you are so attractive. What great coloring and markings you have.
Pepper: You seem OK with us cats. How about dogs?
Apricot: Dogs intrigue me. I think I would like to get to know one.
Cinnamon: Dogs are OK. Honestly, I don’t really care about them.
Lulu: Then you two seem like good candidates for just about any forever home.
Pepper: As long as there is a cat-human connection and the home is a safe, loving one, it should work.
Lulu: I suppose lots of humans will be visiting ARF.
Apricot: I hope so!
Whiskers: The ARF phone should be ringing with people ready to make meet-n-greet appointments.
Lulu: We will all be on standby, ready to impress.
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