The Town Crier keeps serving our community owing to our membership model and through our advertising. Both are critical to our newspaper’s future existence.
As more and more businesses and organizations are returning to full operation, they will be letting customers and clients know their new business hours, their fares and wares, and their return-to-full-operations specials through ads in the Town Crier.
For advertising to support our community newspaper, businesses both on and off our Hill must know that their Town Crier ads really do work for them.
So, please let them know their TC ads are working by supporting them and by letting them know you saw their ad in the Town Crier.
Many, many thanks to all our Town Crier Advertisers, to all our Members, and to all our Readers for keeping us serving our Hill community. We especially wanted to recognize and welcome Anne and Barnaby Finch as new Angel level members. Last week’s member list missed that update. Our apologies.