Idyllwild Community Center President Stephanie Yost reported recently that one of the seating tiers in the amphitheater is crumbling but the repair will be done after the Summer Concert Series.
“The Amphitheater itself is fine, as is all of the work that ICC did during the 2020 COVID shutdown (i.e., adding 10 additional tiers, fixing up backstage, adding the “front of house” mixing platform with electrical and cable),” she said.
“What is crumbling is the first tier of the amphitheater seating area. The contractor (not local) who built the facility took a shortcut and skim-coated the concrete on the first (bottom) tier of the original three-tier seating area. A skim-coat will look fine when it’s first done, but cannot hold up over time, especially through a couple of Idyllwild winters.
“ICC became aware of the full extent of the problem in May. To fix it, the concrete on the tier must be busted out and replaced.
“We have spoken with the contractor, who is well aware of the problem and has agreed that it’s their problem to fix. But due to the extent of the repair, ICC agreed to wait until the summer season was over as the contractor could not have had it fixed in time for the Summer Concert Series.”