The Idyllwild Water District Board of Directors met at Idyllwild Library Wednesday night while its office board room is undergoing renovation.
Besides most of the meeting focusing on replacing the Wastewater Treatment Plant (see story, page A1), the board unanimously approved a change order to an Eric Townsend Construction Company contract to cover repair costs for unforeseen board room flood issues to add $17,500 to a previous $50,000 contract. Townsend was at the meeting to explain why the adjustment was needed.
Back in January 2021, the board learned that the tree next to the board room was removed due to tree roots raising the floor and cracking the outside foundation. Since the board would be meeting elsewhere for some time, other improvements were suggested, such as modernizing the room.
The board also directed General Manager Leo Havener to review water and sewer rules, and update the employee manual, bringing all back to the board for discussion and/or approval.
District revenues (both water and sewer) in July were $239,315 compared to $198,827 in July 2020; and $185,063 for expenses this July compared to $130,735 in July 2020.
Big-ticket items for the month ending July 31, 2021, were a budgeted $25,000 for paving the office and $71,150 for a water treatment control panel design and installation that, according to Chief Financial Officer Hosny Shoufman, will come from last fiscal year’s Water Capital Improvement Plan Fund.
Havener reported that IWD sold 1,268,317 cubic feet of water in July. That breaks down to 781,147 CF residential and 487,170 CF commercial. In July 2020, IWD sold 974,000 CF overall: 700,879 CF residential; 273,120 CF commercial. Later, when asked about the higher usage, he attributed residential to more seniors staying at home and maybe short-term rentals. For commercial, he attributed that to the state removal of COVID restrictions.
The board also accepted Ann Trejo’s resignation as board secretary for other employment. She was hired in May 2021.
President Charles Schelly set a special meeting for Friday night to evaluate the general manager.