By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about catios.
Phil: Did any of you see the new cat Rusty?
Harley: Yes, but not for long. He was here, now he’s gone!
Phil: Right. What happened?
Whiskers: You silly boys! Rusty came in and was adopted almost immediately.
Phil: What a lucky cat! I wish that would have happened to me.
Pepper: We all do.
Harley: I’m still here, but I’m enjoying my stay. I especially like the pleasant weather we’re having.
Angeli: Yes, it’s stunning now. Think I’ll head to the catio to stretch out in the Sun.
Phil: The weather is so perfect now, but it will get much warmer.
Angeli: I hope cat guardians know how to make summer weather more comfortable for us felines.
Harley: There are simple things they may do. For instance, humans should make sure their cats have plenty of water. It’s common sense, but a cat’s water bowl should be checked regularly and filled whenever it’s low.
Magic: And cat guardians should brush a cat daily. Matted hair traps heat, so a daily groom will help prevent this, especially for long-haired cats.
Pepper: It is important for cat guardians to keep their cats calm in very warm weather. A very active cat running around on a hot day will quickly become exhausted and dehydrated. I hope they encourage the cat to relax when outside temperatures soar.
Magic: Cats are clever when it comes to comfort, and they will seek out places such as the bath or sink as these often stay cool even when it’s hot outside. Guardians could also create a cool and darkened indoor retreat for them to sleep in and feel safe. I really like it when a human places a cardboard box on its side and positions it somewhere cool and quiet in the house, such as behind a chair or on a cool surface like a wooden floor.
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