70 years ago - 1952
Work began on a new bridge across Strawberry Creek at Fern Valley Corners, replacing a 25-year-old wooden structure.

65 years ago - 1957
It was the wettest May anyone could remember. The season’s total rain and snowfall was 5 inches below normal, but late rains and snows were extremely beneficial as summer approached. A good crop of wildflowers was assured for June and July, and the storms delayed fire duty for the Forest Service.
60 years ago - 1962
The Brankovs wrote from Jelsa na Hvaru, Yugoslavia: “This island is noted for its perfect climate, and the hotels do not charge their patrons if there is freezing weather, rain for three hours, or one hour of fog.”

55 years ago - 1967
Roberta Gray won a $500 scholarship for her junior year at UCR.

50 years ago - 1972
The Bear Flag Festival, Idyllwild Chamber officials announced, would be scaled down and not tourist-oriented due to a water shortage.

45 years ago - 1977
Faced with an unusual number of highly qualified candidates, trustees of the Idyllwild Scholarship Fund appealed to the public for more donations.

40 years ago - 1982
A map showing neighborhood warden routes and naming volunteers for duty in Idyllwild was to be on display for public viewing, according to Jerry Holsclaw, disaster preparedness officer on the Hill.

35 years ago - 1987
Gene Schneider was presented a cash award and plaque from the U.S. Forest Service in appreciation of his nine seasons as the Tahquitz Peak lookout.

30 years ago - 1992
The Riverside County Board of Supervisors upheld a denial of a public-use permit that would have allowed a single-family home in Idyllwild to hold religious conferences for married couples.

25 years ago - 1997
A plan to replace the Idyllwild Transfer Station with community drop-off centers was being proposed. The plan preserved an arrangement where trash bins would be positioned at several spots around the village.
20 years ago - 2002
Idyllwild Water District’s general manager announced plans to introduce a well with low levels of radioactivity into the district’s distribution system.

15 years ago - 2007
Southern California Edison crews had tagged the historic A.C. Lovekin cedar tree, across from the Fern Valley Inn, for removal.

10 years ago - 2012
Janel Pearl Ramirez, 31, was formally charged with sexual encounters with a minor. Ramirez, a English teacher at Hemet High School, grew up in Idyllwild. She pleaded guilty.

5 years ago - 2017
New Village Market owner Jay McCormack and family were close to completing a full makeover of the long-established Idyllwild grocery outlet.

1 year ago - 2021
Janie Oliver purchased Town Baker Cafe and renamed it The Sunflower.